1st June - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: Bicycle helmets are compulsory in countries such as Australia and Canada, but as the Guardian's Peter Walker  explains this does not help save lives. Despite a series of helmet promotion campaigns in the UK, a growing amount of evidence suggests forcing people to wear protective headgear leads to greater risk-taking and can even put people off cycling altogether, exacerbating the crises in obesity and inactive living

Focus of the Day Story: Criminal barristers refusing to take on new legal aid work have asked the government to abandon plans to test new operating hours for courts, as heads of chambers prepare to discuss whether or not to accept the government’s surprise offer of investment last week. In a message to members, the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) confirms that the Ministry of Jusitce (MoJ) has made a £15m investment offer in order to persuade barristers to end their action against reforms to the advocates graduated fee scheme (AGFS), which determines how criminal advocates are remunerated in legal aid cases. Full story - The Law Society Gazette

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