30th March - Law News

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Wishing a very happy Easter break for all our readers and supporters.

Today's Video Focus: Over the last couple of years, Ram Navami processions in Bengal have acquired a new colour. With the BJP trying to make inroads, there are now sword wielding, trident holding Sangh Parivar supporters who take part in these marches, with their muscular brand of Hindutva on display. This week, it has taken a rather ugly turn, with communal clashes that have killed three people. The state government has refused central forces. The BJP says Mamata Banerjee's appeasement politics is to blame for the flare-up, that the Trinamool Congress is provoking the violence. But Mamata Banerjee hit back saying Ram didn't ask anyone to carry weapons, calling them goons. The tension isn't just in parts of Bengal, it has also spread to Bihar where over 200 people have been arrested. Is this the politics of polarisation at play?

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