27th October - Law News

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Today's video story: A crowdsourced 'cautionary list' of sexual harassers in academia has sparked a polarising debate among Indian feminists. Raya Sarkar, who claims to be a 24-year old law student at an American university says she was inspired by the #MeToo campaign to create a list to warn students about professors by using first-hand accounts from survivors. She argues that given how college administrations function - these alleged harassers will continue to hold their positions of power, even if survivors use existing processes and mechanisms to complain. A group of Indian feminists, who responded to the list, said they were dismayed that this naming and shaming was without context and explanation. They are now facing a huge backlash themselves. On The Buck Stops Here, we ask: does silence equal complicity and by that logic are we all guilty?

Focus of the day story:  Regulatory compliance risk is major worry for companies. Over half of businesses say they are unprepared to deal with regulatory compliance risk. Full story - The Global Legal Post

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