2nd November - Law News

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Today's video story: Asian Americans are the fastest growing demographic in the US, but are less politically active than black, white and Hispanic voters. According to the Pew Research Center, they have the lowest voter turnout of any major ethnic group in the United States. Why is participation so low? And will things change after this year's presidential election?

Focus of the Day story: An online court (OC) should be introduced slowly and modestly rather than as a ‘big bang’, according to one of the original architects of the dispute resolution model on which Lord Justice Briggs drew when devising his Civil Court Structure Review. Giving the Society for Computers and Law (SCL) 25th anniversary annual lecture, Professor Richard Susskind, who headed a Civil Justice Council advisory group which in February 2015 produced a report calling for state-backed online dispute resolution, called for the OC to be “piloted and researched” and for its backers to “show restraint”. Full story - Legal Futures

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