12th September - Law News

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Today's video story: The political and military elite of South Sudan have made themselves rich while the country has been impoverished by a civil war of their making, according to a report commissioned by George Clooney. An investigative unit called “The Sentry” co-funded by the actor, and activist John Prendergast, spent two years following the money trail.

Focus of the Day story: The President of the Supreme Court once found himself justifying the inconsistencies in an elderly man’s unconvincing evidence because his mannerisms reminded him of his recently deceased father. Lord Neuberger recalled the experience while giving a speech on judicial ethics, at the recent Singapore Panel on Judicial Ethics and Dilemmas on the Bench. He said all human beings have preconceived ideas and notions, and the “important thing is that judges are as aware as they can be of any biases or prejudices they suffer from, and that they acknowledge and take into account those biases and prejudices when evaluating witnesses and their evidence.” Full story - New Law Journal

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