16th March - Law News

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FOCUS OF THE DAY:  Responses to Lord Justice Briggs’ recommendation to create an Online Court (OC) have pitted sceptical solicitors and barristers against others who have given the scheme a more generous reception. In a number of reactions to the interim report of Civil Courts Structure Review, which was published in January, reviewed by Legal Futures, there was near consensus that an OC should be piloted, and pay careful attention to the needs of those who might find it difficult to access justice online. But lawyers were worried about the impact of a change in the approach to justice represented by the OC, and the dangers of removing them from it. Full story - Legal Futures

Saturday Conversations on Law

Today's video story: Cardiff hosted the DPRTE arms fair today. The Wales Online has reported about six protesters being arrested. TheLawMap was able to speak to Jason Carbis, who was outside the fair to protest. His statement reads, 
'I was one of hundreds of people that came out in protest at the DPRTE Arms Fair in Cardiff today. Actual arms are not sold at this event, but it is a chance for companies like BAE and Lockheed to network with the Welsh Government, the US Department of Defence and others. At previous DPRTE and DSEI events, instruments of torture, hellfire missiles and drones have been known to be procured for clients around the world. The feeling was for the most part good natured yet passionate, with people and groups from all backgrounds taking part. The actions of the police however, were anything but good natured, with several protestors arrested for various public order offenses. there were heavy handed tactics employed, which aggravated sections of the crowd, but it didn't stop the demonstration passing relatively peacefully, and with a point well made; Cardiff does not want these type of events in our fair, peaceful city.'

A video by Jason  shows the rooftop protest: