8th January - Law News

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 Today's Highlighted Video Story: US Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump and said if the Cabinet failed to do so she would consider moving forward with impeachment.

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Focus of the Day Article: American Bar Association slams Trump supporters' assault on US Capitol. ABA president Patricia Lee Refo condemns 'criminal' attempt to subvert 'revered American tradition'. Full story - The Global Legal Post  

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Virginity tests for female rape survivors outlawed by #Pakistani court - Judge said the ‘humiliating’ practice was used to cast suspicion on the victim, and deflected focus from the act of sexual violence
  • Ashli Babbitt, the Trump supporting #US Air Force veteran who was killed at the capital riots
  • Boeing has agreed to pay $2.5bn (£1.8bn) to settle #US criminal charges that it hid information from safety officials about the design of its 737 Max planes
  • Time to turn on the legal data taps | Law Gazette
  • National Express has announced that it is suspending its entire national network of coach services from midnight on Sunday
  • Hogan Lovells announces strong pandemic promotion round | Law Gazette
  • Firm’s radio advertisement did not attack social workers, watchdog rules | Law Gazette
  • Law firm on government's minimum wage shaming roll | Law Gazette 
  • Donald Trump has been suspended from his Facebook account for at least two weeks - and possibly indefinitely #US 
  • Ground rent scandal: Homeowners get right to extend leases to 990 years with zero ground rents
  • The people-smuggling ring which ended in the deaths of 39 migrants in a container was "sophisticated, long-running and profitable", a court heard
  • GPs 'charging over £150' for domestic abuse letters | Law Gazette
  • Insurer demands action to meet April’s whiplash reform date | Law Gazette
  • No Covid tests planned for lockdown court users | Law Gazette 
  • James Hyams promoted to associate at Balfour and Manson - Scottish Legal News
  • Partner promotions high despite market uncertainty | Law Gazette
  • Law Society raises court concerns with SCTS - Scottish Legal News
  • English judge orders recovery of funds from fraudulent car buying company account  - Scottish Legal News
  • QAnon: What is it and where did it come from? Supporters of the QAnon alongside other known far-right activists were among the crowd that stormed the #US Capitol building on Wednesday
  • Lawyers in frontline of new Hong Kong clampdown | Law Gazette 
  • 'Safe space': Home Office refuses to reveal public law review submission | Law Gazette
  • Maga v BLM: how #US police handled the Capitol mob and George Floyd activists – in pictures
  • Judge fines trio who provided unregulated legal advice - Legal Futures 
  • Court rejects solicitor’s claim that she hand-delivered files to SRA - Legal Futures
  • Young solicitor who faked email in "moment of madness" avoids strike-off - Legal Futures
  • Criminal barrister: 'I earn less than minimum wage' - With delays of up to four years for even straightforward cases, some barristers say their pay works out below an hourly minimum wage
  • Millionaire #French hotel owner to testify in kidnap trial - Jacqueline Veyrac, the 80-year-old owner of the five-star Grand Hotel in Cannes, was bundled into a van outside her home in Nice in October 2016
  • Reading stabbing: Murder accused teenagers appear in court
  • Fears schools will be overwhelmed by laptopless pupils
  • Contrasting the letter of the law with its spirit - Scottish Legal News
  • Capitol riots: Congress certifies Joe Biden's victory after violent disruption #US
  • THE INSTRUMENTS OF PRE-BORDER CONTROL IN THE EU A NEW SOURCE OF VULNERABILITY FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS | Paix et Sécurité Internationales Journal of International Law and International Relations
  • China: Lawyers hired by Hong Kong protestors to be struck off - Scottish Legal News
  • New biodegradable waste plans set out - Scottish Legal News 
  • Tribunal to consider if people outside UK can use freedom of information laws - Scottish Legal News
  • Long-awaited property rules come into force next month - Scottish Legal News
  • Rachael Brandon made company director at Boyd Legal - Scottish Legal News
  • Roddy Harrison joins Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP - Scottish Legal News
  • NI: Human rights and equality watchdogs adopt new post-Brexit roles - Irish Legal News 
  • Personal insolvency application fee waiver to continue until 2024 - Irish Legal News
  • Post-Brexit pinch points in UK-Ireland trade disputes - Irish Legal News 
  • America shaken as violent pro-Trump mob storms Capitol building #US 
  • Flynn O'Driscoll appoints Orla McCarthy as head of HR - Irish Legal News 
  • Julian Assange refused bail despite judge ruling against extradition to US 
  • Irish legal sector can benefit from Brexit - Irish Legal News
  • Social media giants remove Trump video for peddling election result lies #US
  • NI: ICC Belfast deployed as first 'Nightingale venue' for courts business - Irish Legal News