10th November - Law News

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 Focus of the Day Legal Article:  Convicted rapist loses mutual corroboration appeal based on paternity of complainer’s child. Full story - Scottish Legal News
Today's Highlighted Video Story: President Ilham Aliyev has said his forces are winning the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and said Armenia's "opportunities to compromise are shrinking". Fighting has flared in the territory, which is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but governed by ethnic Armenians backed by the Armenian government.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • A lawyer denied accusations by the ICC of bribing witnesses in the case against Kenyan deputy president William Ruto https://t.co/tovvi5nyF6
  • The 2018 suicide of the senior legal counsel at Victoria's Coroners Court was linked to a toxic workplace culture that turned her "dream job" into an "unimaginable nightmare" within a few weeks, an inquest has found #Australia https://t.co/ZtWNWJNF0G
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig! https://t.co/CmAgF3sa3c
  • As a lawyer, I know exactly why outgoing #US President Donald Trump should be prosecuted after he leaves office https://t.co/vnKVNkzE2z
  • More than 50 people have been beheaded in northern #Mozambique by militant Islamists, state media report. The militants turned a football pitch in a village into an "execution ground", where they decapitated and chopped bodies, other reports said https://t.co/7JdwciRW4X 
  • Corona Newton has endured jokes about her unusual name for as long as she can remember. Beer-related nicknames have followed the 49-year-old civil servant since before she was legally able to buy her first pint https://t.co/yYMOse03xa
  • A millionaire fashion mogul has lost a bid to save a skate park, tennis court and garage unlawfully constructed on a Devon beauty spot https://t.co/x3HC0GAsJ3
  • Karam Daulet-Singh on rebranding Platinum Partners as Touchstone Partners #India | Bar & Bench https://t.co/sSizHJvDH2 
  • Mental health, clinical negligence and the illegality defence - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/cuibb53dVC
  • The mega trends aspiring lawyers need to know about - Legal Cheek https://t.co/8jhUwn9qip
  • Justice will survive Covid-19 intact - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/cIVhb99Ru9 
  • Simpson & Marwick appoints real estate lawyer Jill Andrew as director - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/yDBkvzLXl9
  • Convicted rapist loses mutual corroboration appeal based on paternity of complainer’s child - Scottish Legal News https://t.co/fxd8WjSIrg
  • The breakthrough of a coronavirus vaccine has "cleared one significant hurdle but there are several more to go", Boris Johnson has said https://t.co/HlkTimu8iM
  • Podcast - Brexit and the Flaws of the Delegated Legislation System - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/qLnKLRJjIw
  • A low bridge in Leicestershire has been dubbed the "most bashed" in Britain after being struck 25 times in a year https://t.co/Klgmh68MdT
  • A man obsessed with horror films has been convicted along with his boyfriend of murdering and dismembering a woman in their flat https://t.co/c7vhcXu6jb
  • Junior barrister imagines Boris Johnson and top Tory MPs as fictional QCs in hilarious Twitter thread - Legal Cheek https://t.co/E7kqInwDKP 
  • The NewLaw sector is in the midst of an identity crisis. Practitioners in this space should be kind to one another and focus on one’s own race - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/Ngaxpoey2e
  • ICC Uighur genocide complaint backed by parliamentarians around world - ‘Chance should not be squandered’ to bring #Chinese government to justice, letter states https://t.co/YontJQeHG
  • Concern over #French bill that cracks down on photos identifying police - Journalists call for removal of clause that would ban footage disseminated ‘with intent to harm’ officers https://t.co/qmSoEtLfZb
  • Wigan man fined for visiting friend for cup of tea in Covid breach - Police in north-west England have warned of ‘greater levels of enforcement’ in lockdown https://t.co/YybCGFfGzj 
  • 'An obese turtle that has rolled over on to its back' - Caller tell's Donald Trump's voter fraud line. https://t.co/IC1PCdj4OW
  • Trump 'voter fraud hotline' inundated by prank calls - Reports in #US media say the hotline has turned into a ‘nightmare’ after TikTok and Twitter users began calling in with bizarre stories https://t.co/1Ge4uxFik1
  • Homeworking now a "reasonable adjustment" for disabled lawyers - Legal Futures https://t.co/5ZIKDfgmbM
  • UK government fails to publish details of £4bn Covid contracts with private firms: Good Law Project and MPs call for independent inquiry over apparent breach of UK law https://t.co/qgdH0j2vRk
  • The UK is making "good progress" towards being able to test people for coronavirus on arrival at airports, the transport secretary has said https://t.co/qe5ORy9uWM
  • Second Minister for Law Edwin Tong on the #Singapore Convention on Mediation | Bar & Bench https://t.co/e6KJ9Cb9Bh
  • SRA "may not allow" firms to recharge cost of negative interest rates - Legal Futures https://t.co/olBM0RyeP
  • 3 killer mistakes women make when promoting themselves - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/cn6RipyoYS
  • Solicitor used 'rubber' cheques to hide client money misuse - Legal Futures https://t.co/M7t9ZLiA8G
  • Unregulated firms "will force traditional practices to get better" - Legal Futures https://t.co/lWVEW2TBbc
  • Over 250,000 people who work for an employer who has voluntarily signed up to the "real living wage" are set for a pay boost of 20p to £9.50 an hour https://t.co/UuVCBl7cHJ
  • The first coronavirus vaccine can prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19, a preliminary analysis shows https://t.co/60324Bd2Uu
  • British soldier Deacon Cutterham's medal-winning grenade hurling heroic actions questioned ahead of auction https://t.co/ihPx5oDVIH
  • Selecting an SQE training provider - Legal Cheek https://t.co/RJTeCt5Wyo
  • #Australian Law Reform Commission welcomes special counsel - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/YMuLKuwDX
  • AG Venugopal again turns down request to initiate contempt against Andhra CM #India | Bar & Bench https://t.co/g9YAF2fIV
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig! https://t.co/1h2kth4no8 
  • Courts hearing cases against MPs/MLAs to grant witness protection: Supreme Court #India | Bar & Bench https://t.co/eGuDFhkaL
  • Reed Smith signs SQE training deal with BARBRI and College of Legal Practice - Legal Cheek https://t.co/utVTErYRnT
  • ACT makes ‘historic’ first step towards raising the age of criminal responsibility #Australia - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/rarLdlu0Uu
  • Ban for former Travers Smith trainee who 'misled colleagues' - Legal Cheek https://t.co/IrP3TgQDfn
  • Gujarat HC allows AIBE-hopeful to continue employment until she clears Bar Exam #India | Bar & Bench https://t.co/tvh6q2nsuz
  • Seven petitions in seven months: Arnab Goswami's litigation #India | Bar & Bench https://t.co/SQmK0bNvv6
  • Divisional Court gives guidance on article 2 inquests - UK Human Rights Blog https://t.co/kC90ZCBkqq
  • Rest Super climate lawsuit has far-reaching implications - Lawyers Weekly https://t.co/xQ6LX6BAoR
  • DWF ‘cautiously optimistic’ following summer cost-cutting measures - Legal Cheek https://t.co/XpgCnFENdK
  • Big Four giant Deloitte snaps up London law firm - Legal Cheek https://t.co/o7Gfs5SVs5
  • Wales' 17-day firebreak lockdown has ended and a new set of nation-wide regulations have come into force https://t.co/NmOE2OJJRH
  • More than 1,600 African migrants have been rescued at sea or reached #Spain's Canary Islands over the weekend, Spanish emergency services said https://t.co/2VQ9qC6JT
  • Suspended sentence for banking lawyer caught with indecent images of children - Legal Cheek https://t.co/LOwlpPrCsI