11th September- Law News

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Focus of the Day Law Article: Judge complains of 'improper' pressure over custody time limit rulings. Keith Raynor says he was removed from case after criticising efforts to clear backlog. Full story - Guardian Law

Today's Highlighted Video Story:  Massive fires have destroyed Europe's largest migrant camp, Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos. The camp was home to 13,000 people. Before the fires, the living conditions inside the crowded camp were described as 'appalling.' CNN's Phil Black recalls his reporting trip back in March, 2020.

Saturday Conversations on Law
  • Family lawyers advice on the first steps to take in the divorce process
  • Mackrell Solicitors expands out of capital with Birmingham launch
  • Caster Semenya loses latest round of legal battle against rules to limit female athletes' testosterone levels
  • COPFS thanked for 'life saving' work with NHS - Scottish Legal News
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig!
  • During his extradition hearing in London, #Indian billionaire Nirav Modi's barrister describes prison conditions in #India as 'shameful' & 'inhuman'
  • 'No DSS' ruled unlawful in second court case - Scottish Legal News
  • Restrictions on visiting other households are to be reintroduced in parts of Northern Ireland after a rise in cases of coronavirus
  • Hackers with ties to Russia, China and Iran are attempting to spy on people and groups involved with the #US 2020 presidential election, Microsoft says
  • Training course aims to improve expert witness evidence in court
  • Linda Walker: The risks of mixing business and pleasure - Scottish Legal News
  • Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland warns breaking international law will 'undermine trust in legal system' - Scottish Legal News
  • A police dog reared from a puppy into an “absolute unit” has been retired before his first day of duty for being too “sweet-natured” - Scottish Legal News 
  • Covid: rush to get back to offices should be paused, says top UK expert: Prof Neil Ferguson says country should ‘pause at the headlong rush to get everybody back’
  • In response to news that the custody time limit is being extended, retired barrister Michael Conry writes of the delays between an alleged offender’s arrest and first court appearance
  • Government’s ‘rule of six’ will mean many cancelled holidays in England - The new ruling, which prevents the gathering of large groups, will affect holiday home rentals and group activity trips this autumn
  • Travellers from mainland Portugal to England will have to quarantine from 04:00 on Saturday, just weeks after the country was previously declared exempt
  • 'Very hard to understand' how Lord Keen QC can remain Advocate General for Scotland - Scottish Legal News
  • Glasses company loses appeal against timebar decision on 2005 VAT assessment - Scottish Legal News
  • New York doctor accused of sexually abusing patients faces federal charges - Among the women who have come forward is Evelyn Yang, wife of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang #US
  • Law Reform Commission discussion paper - domestic implementation of international law obligations
  • Regulations for public gatherings around UK nations, graphics courtesy of the BBC.
  • Kevin Spacey Accused of Sex Offenses Against Teenagers in New Lawsuit
  • The EU has threatened the UK with legal action if it does not ditch a bill to override key parts of the Brexit divorce deal "by the end of the month"
  • London bus attack couple join campaign to make misogyny a hate crime - Increase in violence against women during lockdown makes new law imperative, says MP Stella Creasy
  • "Caring" solicitor undone by accounting system - Legal Futures
  • Racist responses to Marcus Rashford's campaign for children are no surprise, the narrative of ‘personal responsibility’ is a handy way of blaming communities for the suffering of their members
  • If you think the UK isn't corrupt, you haven't looked hard enough
  • Judge who slammed Ministry of Justice Covid-19 response on collision course with senior judiciary over 'improper pressure' claim
  • Employment tribunal rejects BSB race discrimination claim - Legal Futures
  • Metamorph leads way in autumn merger rush - Legal Futures
  • Scientists and health professionals have raised doubts about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "Operation Moonshot" plan for mass coronavirus testing
  • Moria migrants: #Greek ships to help shelter 13,000 after fire
  • No student parties and more online learning - Universities should switch to full online learning only as a last resort in the event of a local coronavirus outbreak, new guidance says
  • Stonehaven derailment: Report says climate change impact on railways 'accelerating'
  • Weightmans reveals redundancy plans | Law Gazette 
  • Social care staff not given human rights training to deal with Covid impact, finds research
  • Legal challenge to exclusion of waste incinerators from post-Brexit emissions trading scheme
  • Judge blasts MoJ's 'systemic failure' over Crown court backlog | Law Gazette
  • The latest TheLawMap Wig! 
  • Future pupillages under pressure because of Covid-19, says BSB | Law Gazette
  • Competition watchdog returns for another look at legal sector | Law Gazette
  • A #Canadian flight was cancelled and police were called because a child was not wearing a mask. Safwan Choudhry says WestJet wanted his 19-month-old to wear a mask, but the baby girl would not stop crying 
  • A frequent flyer tax, phasing out polluting SUVs and restricting cars in city centres are among climate change solutions suggested by members of the public 
  • IP Office seeks views on robot inventors | Law Gazette 
  • Coming to a screen near you: Scots juries to sit in Odeons | Law Gazette
  • Civil servants probed on judicial review | News | Law Gazette 
  • Law Society recommends changes to Scottish government planning policy - Scottish Legal News
  • Lawyers of Tomorrow – Dean Gallacher - Scottish Legal News
  • #talian mob boss Giuseppe Fanara, 60 is facing assault charges after allegedly biting off and swallowing a prison guard’s finger 
  • MacRoberts and French Duncan support Together Energy's £14m acquisition - Scottish Legal News 
  • Premium products face no-deal threat - Scottish Legal News 
  • Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow: Doors Open Day 2020 - Scottish Legal News