2nd June - Law News

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Today's Video Focus:  England has seen the biggest relaxation of the lockdown since it was imposed 10 weeks ago with as many as 6 people allowed to meet outdoors. There has been criticism from some scientists that this is too much too soon — and risks a second big wave of coronavirus infections. A key part of easing the lockdown is the government's ability to identify and tackle outbreaks of coronavirus through a new system of contact tracing. The Prime Minister promised that system in England would be up and running and effective from June 1st. But there have been warnings that it isn't ready.

Focus of the Day Article: Perth-based solicitor Amanda Millar has taken up the Law Society of Scotland’s presidential reins, while Stirling-based Ken Dalling becomes the new vice president.
Ms Miller thanked her predecessor John Mulholland for rising to the challenges of the past year with collaborative care and enthusiasm and added that she looked forward to working with Mr Dalling in the year ahead. Full story - Scottish Legal News

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