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Today's Video Focus:  In 2022, Qatar will become the first country in the Arab world to host the soccer World Cup. The small Gulf emirate, however, has seen its image tarnished since it was awarded the event, especially over working conditions on World Cup building sites. Human rights activists equate conditions for the migrant workers with modern-day slavery. In June 2017, Qatar came under additional pressure as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt suspended diplomatic relations. They were intent on isolating the nation due to the Qatari government’s alleged support of al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist groups. With the evidence proving less than concrete, however, the blockade appeared to be more of a transparent campaign against an unloved neighbour.

Focus of the Day Article:
The government has published an update to the Ministerial Code on 23 August 2019 which includes a foreword from the Prime Minister emphasising the government’s determination to deliver Brexit in October 2019. The Ministerial Code sets out the standards of conduct expected of ministers and how they discharge their duties, and the latest version demands that ministers ‘uphold the very highest standards of propriety’.
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