14th August - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: There’s a war on plastic – government around the world are trying to cut the amount we use it. But does the science make sense? Plastic waste is polluting the ocean and harming wildlife. But where does your recycling go? Most of it ends up getting shipped abroad – to the very countries responsible for the most marine plastic waste. The EU is bringing in measures to restrict our use of plastic. But even after Brexit, the UK government has lots of plastic policies of its own. But do they make sense? Or are we just making things worse – and ignoring the broader issue of climate change? Is recycling actually worth it?

Focus of the Day News Story:
The chair of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) has called on the senior judiciary to extend wellbeing protocols being drafted for the family courts to the criminal jurisdiction. Chris Henley QC said the wellbeing of those working in the criminal courts was not being prioritised or respected.
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