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Today's Video Focus: Former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, argues that world leaders are weak, shortsighted and mediocre, and no longer willing or able to defend human rights. It used to be that human rights abuses were called out and many were stopped. Violators had something to fear. But today, the silence of those public officials is astounding. Probable genocide in Myanmar, imprisonment of journalists in Egypt and their murder in Turkey, authoritarian-minded leaders elected in Brazil, Hungary, India, Russia, Italy and Austria, oppression in China, Cambodia, Venezuela, children separated from their parents and locked up right here in Trump’s America. That's without mentioning North Korea. The worst human rights offenders are able to act with complete impunity.

Focus of the Day Article:
The very best technology allows staff simply to get on with their job. It works away in the background and we don’t even notice it’s there. There are, in fact, probably many instances where everyday processes are taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and we don’t even realise.
In the near future, we anticipate machine learning will start to be used in the conveyancing process too. It will be used to check documents and recognise images with the aim of speeding up the overall workflow.
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