22nd March - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: Next month the most significant changes to private health insurance for decades will start to roll out and everyone in Australia with cover will be affected. To give you a few examples, customers won't be able to claim for a lot of natural therapies and there will be discounts for people under thirty who take out policies. So far, no-one can say for sure what it will do to the price of premiums which have been going up and up. The changes come as one survey shows private health insurance is now the number one concern for Australian families. Consumer group CHOICE has found that for the first time families are more worried about the cost of private health insurance than electricity.

Focus of the Day Article: Solicitors prepare for Brexit - Preferential treatment for EU lawyers qualifying in England and Wales to end under no-deal Brexit says SRA, but Ireland keeps door open.
Full story: The Global Legal Post

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