5th December - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: In the fallout from the Khashoggi murder case, some Saudi activists in the US and Canada have told Channel 4 News they believe they've been actively targeted by Saudi authorities. From new passports denied, to educational funding withheld they perceive attempts are being made to lure them back home. They say they fear for their own safety - following the death of Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post journalist who was murdered in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. The Crown Prince continues to deny any involvement in the murder.

Focus of the Day Article:
There is no reason why litigants could not access the courts on their smartphones in the future, the Lord Chief Justice said yesterday, although he questioned the extent to which artificial intelligence would handle judicial tasks. Lord Burnett said that when large numbers of people, “and particularly those on low incomes”, do not have effective access to justice, the law could not ignore the digital revolution.
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