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Today's Video Focus: As a result of President Donald Trump's trade wars with China and other countries, US farmers are seeing a surplus in perishable goods. In good years, cargo trains moving west along the flat, sweeping grasslands of North Dakota’s plains are a sign of money rolling in. Today, as tariffs from America’s largest foreign soybean market -- China -- threaten to upend the industry, many trains sit idle. “There are no shuttle trains leaving. There is no nothing,” said Joe Ericson, the 38-year-old president of the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association. “They can’t get rid of the beans.”

Focus of the Day Article:
The legal profession will have to develop “cyber ethics” to cope with the very different issues that the growing use of technology is having on the practice of law, a leading academic has suggested. Professor Richard Moorhead said “a whole system approach” was necessary. He explained: “We will need a cybernetic legal ethics to cope with interlocking technologies, logics and values that should the demanded of a good legal system.”
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