25th August - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: The centre responds to the Kerala government's "dog in the manger" jibe on the provision of relief to the state. The point being made is this - if you aren't giving us the Rs 20,000 crore that we seek to rebuild the state, then why are you denying others from providing us this help? This comes on a day when the UAE government - in what some would consider an about turn - says that there is nothing official about its providing Kerala Rs 700 crore in relief, something that had been widely reported. But the Kerala government insists that this offer was indeed made. In the meanwhile, the government has come out with a detailed explantion on how, in addition to Rs 600 crore that it has provided the state, there is another amount of Rs 562.45 crore which is already with the Kerala State Disaster Fund. On the show, we ask: Is the centre doing enough for the rehabilitation of flood affected regions of Kerala?

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