6th April - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: News of Martin Luther King's death triggered an outpouring of sorrow and anger across the US as rioters set buildings on fire, and looted stores. In Washington DC, that violence resulted in a military occupation. Entire blocks of the city were left in ruins for decades. Two men who saw the rioting in their own neighbourhoods, reflect on what happened immediately after Martin Luther King's death - and in the decades since.

Focus of the Day story: he Legal Ombudsman’s office says that its spending this year will rise sharply after it admitted underestimating its likely workload. The complaints handler said this week that expenditure is likely to reach £12.5m in 2018/19. A year ago it predicted spending £10.7m over the year. The organisation appears to have significantly misread future demand for its service: its business plan published in 2017 estimated that 7,000 legal cases would be handled in 2018/19; this week that figure was revised upward to between 8,000 and 8,425. Full story: The Law Society Gazette

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