12th April - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: Police have used armoured vehicles to demolish structures at an eco-camp in Western France. Activists gathered again on Wednesday to try and prevent police from entering the site near the city of Nantes. They clashed with officers, throwing stones and bottles.

Focus of the Day story: Demand for commercial legal advice will rise over the next 18 months, according to an annual market bellwether*, but some sectors are becoming crowded with law firm teams created to serve specific industries. Of 180 large and SME businesses surveyed by IRN Research, most expect their demands for legal services to stay unchanged over that period. But nearly a third of large businesses and 16% of SMEs predict a rise in their use of external advice. Just 9% of large businesses and 11% of SMEs expect a fall. Most large businesses reported using more than one law firm. Full story - The Law Society Gazette

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