28th March - Law News

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Today's Video Focus: Art experts in the Netherlands are trying to use their skills to help the country acknowledge some of its colonial legacy. A leading museum in Amsterdam has been investigating a number of precious objects taken from former colonies. Some Dutch see the project as a way to better understand their history and come to terms with their past, including dark aspects of it.

Focus of the Day Story: Dinners at the Inns of Court will remain part of the world of prospective barristers after the Bar Standards Board (BSB) decided to maintain the role of the inns in their training. But in the light of cases where barristers and students have been found to have lied about their qualifications, the regulator is introducing greater checks on students’ backgrounds. A BSB consultation published last October raised the prospect of a major overhaul of its relationship with the inns, but the outcome issued last week indicated that the status quo will continue. Full story - Legal Futures

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