23rd May - Law News

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Today's video story: India's Reggae Resistance - Defending Dissent Under Modi: Indian musician Taru Dalmia is convinced his reggae sounds can play a role in political activism, and decides it's time to act when a wave of protests erupts at universities across India. To take his music into the hearts of rallies and communities, he raises money to build a giant sound system and hits the road. Taru hopes his hand-built stack of speakers can support protesters alleging that free speech is being suppressed under Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist government. But he's uncertain how local artists and activists will react. Will they embrace his Jamaica-inspired music, or see him as a naive outsider out of touch with the country's politics?

Focus of the day story: The love and solidarity of Mancunians shone through in their immediate response to the Arena attack. Let’s celebrate the city’s warmth and diversity. Full story - The Guardian

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