21st April - Law News

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Today's video story: If you 'vote for Narendra Modi's party BJP,  you risk your child's life': Arvind Kejriwal ahead of Sunday's vote. Two days before the critical civic election in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal's appeal to citizens has been interpreted as a bizarre threat by his rivals. "If you vote for the BJP then you will be responsible if you have dengue in your family," the Delhi Chief Minister said in a series of tweets.

Focus of the day story: The Legal Services Board (LSB) has said it expects frontline regulators to introduce compulsory “minimum disclosures” by law firms on price, service, redress and regulatory status. In its response to the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) market study of legal services, the LSB agreed with the CMA that “the market cannot be expected to mend itself” without regulatory action. Full story - Legal Futures

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