30th January - Law News

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Today's video story: The truth about Donald Trump's executive order in numbers as well as the banning of certain Muslim majority countries in which the Trump Organisation does not have any business interest in. In terms of terror attacks since 1972, 0.00062 attacks in US soil had been carried out by terrorists, but none from the banned countries.

Focus of the day story: A woman with a learning disability who died while in intensive care was not in “state detention”, the Court of Appeal has ruled, upholding a coroner’s decision not to proceed with a full inquest into her death. The court so held in Ferreira v Coroner of Inner South London [2017] EWCA Civ 31, in a landmark decision on deprivation of liberty in the context of acute medical treatment. The case is the first detailed examination by the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court’s decision in P v Cheshire West [2014] UKSC 19, which expanded the definition of deprivation of liberty. Full story - New Law Journal

Saturday Conversations on Law

Photos from a rally in Cardiff attended by 1000+  protesting against Donald Trump's refugee and Muslim ban. Photos courtesy of photojournalist and events photographer Taz Rahman.