11th January - Law News

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Today's video story: CNN's Jake Tapper defends criticism from Donald Trump over a CNN report. The President-elect called the intelligence report about Russian efforts to compromise him "fake news."

Focus of the day story: Anyone who has seen the Law Society council in action over the past 20 years will not be surprised by the criticism levelled at it by chief executive Catherine Dixon in her brutally frank resignation letter last week. Of course, not many people have actually seen the Law Society council in action over that period, but I am in the small group who have. In truth, since I left the Law Society exactly nine years ago, after 12 years working on the Gazette, I have only been back to sit in on council meetings about three times. This is in large part because the council is now something of a sideshow – the real decisions that affect the solicitors’ profession are made by the board of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), whose meetings we attend religiously. Full story - Legal Futures

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