7th November - Law News

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Today's video story: There's been talk of a wall on one end, and open borders on the other. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's plans for immigration couldn't be more different. And that might make it a deciding issue in this year's US presidential election. Latino voters are expected to turn out in record numbers on Tuesday. And their numbers have spiked during early voting these past few weeks. They normally vote democrat, and this year is no exception. Polls suggest Trump is expected to get fewer Latino votes than any other Republican candidate in 35 years. So, why has immigration played such a big role in this election campaign?

Focus of the day story:
The right of children to express their views in legal matters affecting them (the right of active engagement) is increasingly recognised in jurisdictions around the world, but significant barriers remain according to a new report by legal think-tank the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, which analyses these barriers, and the ways to overcome them, in different jurisdictions. Full story: New Law Journal

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