6th October - Law News

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Today's video story: UKIP leadership hopeful Steven Woolfe was taken to hospital following an altercation at a meeting of party MEPs, interim leader Nigel Farage has said. In a statement he said Mr Woolfe had "subsequently collapsed" and his "condition is serious". Mr Woolfe, MEP for the North West, was taken to hospital in Strasbourg for tests.

Focus of the Day story:  With the government, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Legal Services Board, the Law Society and the legal services regulators all flashing their sequined blouses like contestants on Strictly Dumb Downing, the idea of leaving a ‘secure’ job and setting up a new law firm is likely to feature alongside bareback-rodeo and base-jumping on most people’s personal risk register. So it’s surprising that recent SRA data shows a significant net increase in UK law firms year on year. What, you may ask, is driving such risky behaviour and what are the hallmarks of a successful start-up?  Full story - Legal Futures

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